Bonus Files

Take a minute to look over some examples of some of our services:

Residential Design - A large private residence composed of engineered lumber, conventional framing, structural steel and concrete basement retaining walls. The architect on this house is Abbott Architecture. As part of our general services, we also conduct Structural Observations durring the course of construction. Here are some examples of our SO reports, 10/28/09, 11/10/09, 01/05/10, 02/05/10.

The anchors on this building were not in compliance with current regulations. After a field inspection, we generated a new anchor design and layout for the client.

We recently started work with the Reno Housing Authority as part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to try to keep Reno's real estate market as ready as it can be. Conducting inspections at the residences that have been aquired and generating reports for each location.